Lee, JiHyeon – Pool

Image from amazon.com
  • Age Range: 4 – 7 years
  • Grade Level: Preschool – Kindergarten
  • Hardcover: 56 pages
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books (May 5, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1452142947
  • ISBN-13: 978-1452142944


EXCERPT from an interview about Pool by JiHyeon Lee:

JiHyeon: “It happened a few years ago in the summer at a swimming pool. It was the first time I had been to a swimming pool since I was very young. I did not know how to swim, but I wanted to try without a rubber ring or life jacket. Summoning my courage and lowering myself into the water, I had a surprising experience. My body became free in the water, and the feeling and sensation of it was enjoyable. And then I saw a scene beneath the water which I had never seen before. Unlike the place where many people were moving about above the water, it was a quiet, peaceful and expansive world down there, and it was quite impressive how there could be such contrast in a single space. And between the legs of the people who were swimming, I felt like someone like me could swim towards me from the other side. That scene caused me to think about many things and many stories. I made a book about those stories.”


  • A New York Times Notable Book of the Year
  • A NPR.org Best Book of the Year
  • Gold Medal Winner – Society of Illustrators’ Original Art Show, 2015

Rationale for Inclusion: I feel as if a children’s collection is not complete without a few picture books without words. This burgeoning genre of picture book begins has a tough sell to parents who prefer the age-old words and illustrations variety of picture books. However, when reading interactively with children, there is no better way to use imagination, prediction, and vocabulary than when kids have to come up with their own stories. Pool is a terrific visionary work of art that imagines the journey between two shy children and an extraordinary pool. They imagine monstrous, scary, fascinating and weird things under the water, and then return to their normal world when they emerge from the surface. These images depict facets of a child’s imagination, a process of creation that is a vital step toward envisioning language and writing successfully.

Picture walk with Pool by Starling Media Center:



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