Love Will See You Through: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Six Guiding Beliefs (as told by his niece) – Angela Farris Watkins

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  • Age Range: 6 – 11 years
  • Grade Level: 1 – 6
  • Lexile Measure: AD970L
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (December 30, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1416986936
  • ISBN-13: 978-1416986935

EXCERPT from School Library Journal:
In this vividly illustrated picture book, Watkins, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., provides a simplified version of his six guiding principles of nonviolence: have courage; love your enemies; fight the problem, not the person who caused it; when innocent people are hurt, others are inspired to help; resist violence of any kind; and the universe honors love. Referring to King as “Uncle Martin,” Watkins states each principle and then describes one clearly written example of how King followed it. Instances selected include the burning of King’s home in 1956 and King’s famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” in which he argued for nonviolent resistance. The bold, colorful mixed-media illustrations capture the emotion of the situations described, and Watkins’s writing style is conversational but impassioned (“So even when Uncle Martin was hurt, he did not respond with violence.”). Though informative, this title lacks back matter. An excellent choice for younger students studying King and for teachers explaining violence in history and current events, as well as for beginning middle school students.—Stephanie Farnlacher, Trace Crossings Elementary School, Hoover, AL

Rationale for Inclusion:
The fact that this book is written by Dr King’s niece adds additional significance to its already remarkable content. The message of this book is timeless and so important in these turbulent, divided times. Young readers will be introduced to topics like Civil Rights, nonviolent protest, and social movement. Highly recommended!

Bonus: A lovely cartoon video that includes Love Will See You Through read aloud can be found here.


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