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We have compiled an extensive list of our top 100 picks in children’s literature. This list ranges far and wide, with a smattering of classics, award winners, biographies, picture books, and many more. We’ve included books for emerging readers through high school students, local and international, English, Spanish, and even Maori! We are confident that there is something for every young reader in our ensemble of wonderful books.

To assemble such a diverse list, we needed a very diverse team- and we were in luck!

The esteemed Leando Barak hails from Toronto, Canada, where he works for the renowned Toronto Public Library. He is in his final semester of the MLIS program at San Jose State, and is very familiar with the website.

Leandro going to the library.

The incredible Samantha Colwell resides in North Carolina, where she graces her library every day with her presence. Although she has a 714 area code, she is slowly but surely picking up a southern drawl.

Sam on her way to work.

And rounding out this trio is Julie Cervantes, ridiculous liberal and bibliophile. She is the director of the Belen Public Library and Belen Harvey House Museum, where she puts out fires, both figurative and literal, more than she should have to.

Julie talking to an unruly patron.